Serious Steel Hand X Band

Get Balanced Hand & Grip Strength!

Fix muscle imbalances in your grip that lead to tendonitis and carpal tunnel!

With the Hand X Band from Serious Steel, you strengthen all of the antagonistic muscles on the back of the hand (adductors) to balance all of the gripping we do in daily activities and training.  

  • Avoid injuries, such as carpal tunnel
  • Increase hand strength
  • Perfect for golfers and racquet sports like tennis and squash
  • Compact and portable
  • Use Hand X Band to rehabilitate injuries like tendonitis
  • Superior to just using thick elastics as it stays on finger without slipping
  • Available in multiple resistance levels
  • Improve forearm strength
  • Latex-Free

Orange - Extra light Resistance: Great for light PT work!

Light Blue - Light Resistance: Great for rehab and if you are just starting out with working your hands

Navy Blue - Medium Resistance: About right if you have done strength training and have a good grip

Dark Blue - Heavy Resistance: Challenging for serious athletes


What People Are Saying About Hand X Bands!


"Using these bands has not only healed the tendinitis, but they prevent it from returning so I can go as crazy as I want in the gym. And with different resistances, the variety of bands let me periodize the training. Plus, they help to increase grip strength and better forearm development"
Jim Stoppani, PhD