Serious Steel

Steel Grip Hand Gripper

Develop a Grip of Steel With The Steel Grip Hand Gripper!

Developing hand strength is a must, as all lifts in the gym depend on a strong grip. A week grip equals a weak lift

Research has proven that your grip strength is one key benchmark of overall strength and weak grip strength is a predictor of poor health and disability outcomes later in life!  

  • Comes in 6 resistance levels for progressive resistance: from 100lbs to 350lbs
  • Develop and strengthen your hand and forearm muscles
  • Improves all sports performance: baseball, football, track and field, MMA, boxing, etc
  • Great for people working in building trades, mechanics and all others who work with their hands
  • Strengthens bones and nerves in the palm and fingers
  • See results in days
  • Use anywhere, anytime
  • Assists in weight and bodyweight training
  • Steel Grips have a One-Year Warranty